Natal Drummer on fire

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Natal Drummer on fire

Every now and then a great opportunity comes along to do something completely different.

Natal’s creative studio manager Steve needed a stunning image to impress visitors at Frankfurt Music Fair. The image was going to be over 3 meters wide and would be a major feature to the stand.

Having discussed various ideas before the shoot we had planned a series of images using beams of light steaming up from beneath the drummer Carl. An idea emerged that we might be able to use dry ice flowing from the drums for a sunning effect.

Three┬ákilo’s of dry ice was delivered and with the top skins of the drums removed great care was taken to mount various size containers into each drum.

With a couple of extra pairs of hands the dry ice was dropped into the containers and with some urgency the images were taken with Carl pretending to play. After about eight attempts we were delighted with the images.

I think the results speak for themselves?

Thanks to Steve, Carl, Simon, Andrew and Heather.





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