New imaging system and untethered capture

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New imaging system and untethered capture

It’s been a while since I added to my blog because thankfully I have been very busy.

Anyway, whats new?  I have upgraded my studio camera system and am now using the Leaf Aptus-ll 7 mounted on a Sinar P3 a fantastic combination. I can also fit the Aptus digital back onto my old but very usable Mamiya RZ and use it on location if required.

The optics on the RZ are fantastic and I enjoy using it as it reminds me of the old film days……..if your old enough to remember those ‘sepia’ times?

File sizes are impressive too, 45 million pixels in a 100 mb RAW file.

The other great news is that I am now using with Canon 1dDS Mk 3 untethered onto my iPad or MacBook on location. Art directors love this as they don’t need to stand over the camera to check images and if required could sit in another room (or building) to view images as they are taken.

Dont ask who’s the old guy in the photo, please.

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