Saracen 2014 catalogue

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Saracen 2014 catalogue

What a great summer of 2013 we have had.

Once again Saracen chose me to create the images for their 2014 catalogue. This year I was to shoot not only the whole range in the studio but also the action location shots for off-road, leisure and road bikes.

We started by photographing the range in the studio against a huge black felt background. This gave us solid blacks and made the bikes jump of the page. We also shot each bike against a white background for other uses/cut outs etc.

The locations were woodland trails, canal side cycle ways and quiet winding country roads. The challenge was to create a sense of speed retaining a sharpness through the frame of the bike. Studio lighting was used on location especially for the road bike images, we chose the only day during a long sunny spell when it rained. Thankfully the wet road added to the drama of the shots.

Thank you Saracen………

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