Busman’s holiday

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I’m often asked if I always take a camera on holiday. The answer is yes but not always one of my best cameras. I tend to take a small compact (Canon Ixus) for its size and ease of use. However a recent trip to Cyprus I decided to take a ‘decent’ camera as I had a few images in mind. I had arranged to visit George and Savvas Georgeiades at Lemba Pottery. I was made very welcome and after a […]

The Strand

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What a challenge, trying to photograph around a famous London hotel just before Christmas when the hotel was full of customers. The brief was to photograph meeting rooms, reception area, bars, restaurants and various styles of bedrooms ÔǪ.. not using or involving the general public. This was a difficult task as it would have looked strange to have and empty hotel ( and impossible ) so patience was required to pick the best times when restaurants were just closing or […]

Sgt Pepper

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Been a while to update blog. Recent shoot for Studer the well known professional sound recording and mixing desk manufacturer I was excited that part of the session was to photograph the tape deck used to record The Beatles Sgt Pepper album ..goose bumps.

Vulcan Shoot

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Saracen are always looking for something different and creative for their location shoots and having named one of this years bikes The Avro they came up with the idea of shooting around an Avro Vulcan bomber. This was a ‘tall ask’ as I know how difficult it is to get permission to photograph around such a rare plane. Plus we wanted to use studio lighting which meant power cables etc. Anyway my client managed to get into The East Midlands […]

Royde and Tucker Christmas cards

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What a great shoot to end the year on. Royde and Tucker the leading architectural door hardware manufacturer chose to send out eCards just before Christmas. The idea was to involve as many of the staff as possible and have ‘a bit of fun’ in the making. ┬áThere were five themes, Baubles ( faces brightly painted and hung on a tree), Mrs Christmas ( with marketing director Simon playing a Christmas pudding), Angels ( 4 girls ands one fallen angel), […]

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Saracen 2014 catalogue

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What a great summer of 2013 we have had. Once again Saracen chose me to create the images for their 2014 catalogue. This year I was to shoot not only the whole range in the studio but also the action location shots for off-road, leisure and road bikes. We started by photographing the range in the studio against a huge black felt background. This gave us solid blacks and made the bikes jump of the page. We also shot each […]

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Neviti Summer shoot

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Simple but affective small set build using two fence panels painted white to create a summer beach hut scene. Add a little dapple sunlight and were taken back to that loverly long hot summer. Photography is sometimes challenging shooting a summer scene one week and then a few days later setting up a Christmas tree and decorations for the Christmas range of party products. Luckily my props room holds many items. Photo showing Kirstie making final changes.  

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New imaging system and untethered capture

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It’s been a while since I added to my blog because thankfully I have been very busy. Anyway, whats new? ┬áI have upgraded my studio camera system and am now using the Leaf Aptus-ll 7 mounted on a Sinar P3 a fantastic combination. I can also fit the Aptus digital back onto my old but very usable Mamiya RZ and use it on location if required. The optics on the RZ are fantastic and I enjoy using it as it […]

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HRH Princess Royal’s visit to Marshall Amplification

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Glad to be chosen as official (and only) photographer to cover the royal visit to Marshall Amplifications 50th anniversary. The Princess Royal was very interested in every aspect of production and took time to meet a large number of staff. Stopping to look at an image I had taken a few years ago of a Marshall stack with two Grenadier Guards bought a smile to HRH face. Sad that Jim Marshall died earlier this year.

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Saracen bikes catalogue shoot

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This year I was given the opportunity to shoot the Saracen lifestyle images. In the past I have photographed all of the bikes in the studio. Using some of my client contacts I was able to get us into Marshall Amplification production areas to get that iconic British brand in the photos. A visit to a local cage fighting and kick boxing gym added another dimension to the shoot. Added to that a graffiti covered skate boarding park, a damp […]

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